Fixpunkt RSFP-X90-30 in verschiedenen Länderversionen      

Fixed Points RSFP-X90-30*
Power Sockets become reference points

A perfect solution for surveying indoor with total stations, scanners or SLAM devices to get permanent reference points without leaving any targets behind at the project

With the adapter for power sockets, reference points can now be created very easily inside buildings that can be used again and again without having to leave visible reference points.

With our “One reference point for all instruments” marking system, measurements can also be taken much more accurately if, for example, the reference points are measured tachymetrically with a prism and then the appropriate types of scanners are used for the scan.

As an ideal addition for interior surveys, our suction cups are suitable for use with prisms and targets on glass or smooth surfaces.

The first versions for Germany and further EU countries (Version F), the United Kingdom (Version G) and the USA (B) are available. Other country versions are in the pipeline and will be available shortly.

+++ Patent Pending +++

 one fixed point for all instruments

The illustration shows all the products that can be used with the RSFP-X90-30* fixed point. Magnets in the base plate hold the reflective target or mini prism precisely on the desired spot.

RSMP395M on RSFP-X90-30 
for total stations
RSL422M on RSFP-X90-30
for laser scanner
RSL-X93M on RSFP-X90-30 (left) and on RSFP-X90 (right) for SLAM based mobile mapping systems and 3D laser scanning
RSMP395M on RSFP-X90-30 - 
Position number already specified

Dimensioning file  Accessories for series RSFP-X90 to RSFP-X99 for download.
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